Legend Locations works with all levels of location rentals from still photography shoots to feature films and reality shows.

Our agency handles the negotiations of Location Fees, Agreements, Security Deposits, and Insurance Requirements. Paperwork for Post-production is done through our office and any contractual overage fees or repairs are reimbursed directly to you. Additional Property Guidelines are also welcome for each specific job as you see fit.

The total income an owner can generate varies due to the type of production and the number of times the property is used as a location. A still photo shoot may net you less pay and have a lower impact on your property due to smaller crews and shorter days. A feature film or reality show will result in a higher pay day, but usually  creates a larger impact, and could occupy your property for weeks or months.  The total income an owner can generate varies on many factors and ultimately depends on the impact of a production to us and you as a property owner.


We let our owners set their own rates, but we’re always available for advice on the best solution given the impact a potential production may have on the property. Owners can expect to make anywhere from $500-$10,000/day with a confirmed booking. We do our best to meet your rate goals and expectations, but almost every shoot has budget constraints to work around and your flexibility will help enable Legend Locations to secure a booking with your property.

Legend will always clarify what kind of budgets we are working with before sending a scout to your location. Once the booking is confirmed, all location fees will be outlined in an individual contract.

On-Site Representatives:

A Legend Locations Site Representative is assigned to your property during all phases of filming to enforce contractual obligations and supervise all production activities including preparation, clean up and restoration if necessary.


With over four decades of location experience we do our best to keep accurate information on your property as well as pre-screening location scouts and producers before each scout scheduled or job is booked. Additionally, we’ll get to know you and your property so it keeps correspondence to a minimum burden on the owner.

Property Submission Review


Please include the address and 4-5 images of the property.